Training Events Calendar

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HR Training Resources provided by Employers Council

Employers Council serves the human resource and employment law needs of the business community, helping employers manage all aspects of the employment relationship.  We provide employment law advice, HR support, workforce training, and survey data for employers throughout the western US region.   Our broad array of workforce trainings including:

  • PHR/SPHR Certification Study Program (5-day program)
  • Introduction to Human Resources Management Program (5-day program)
  • Advanced Human Resource Management Program (5-day program)
  • Supervisory Skills Program (5-day program)
  • Supervisory Skills:  Taking it To the Next Level (2-day program)
  • A wide range of half-day and full-day trainings on various HR, employment law, and leadership topics such as FMLA, ADA, Interviewing, Onboarding, Communication, Coaching, and Performance Management

We can also bring our trainings onsite to your facility.  To learn more about how we can meet your training needs, please email [email protected] or access our online catalog at  We love to help employees and companies learn essential information that they need to succeed!

Sunstone HR

HR Training Resources Provided by Sunstone HR

Sunstone HR is focused on raising the talent level of Utah HR and Manager talent with multiple training programs, in addition to its full-scope HR consulting services. Courses offered will be available in public forums on a regular basis and are also available to be brought in-house to your organization, upon request. For more details see , email [email protected] or call (801) 380-7846. 

Examples of courses are as follows:

  • PHR / SPHR / SHRM-CP / SHRM-SCP 3-Day Exam Preparation Course
  • PHR / SPHR / SHRM-CP / SHRM-SCP 11 Week Exam Preparation Course 
  • aPHR 3-Day Exam Preparation Course
  • aPHR 11 Week Exam Preparation Course
  • Workplace Professionalism (for all employees)
  • Legal Basics for Managers
  • Effective Organizational Communication
  • Effective and Legal Interviewing
  • Coaching, Motivating and Recognizing Employees
  • Manage Your Time, Conflict and Change
  • Legal Basics for the HR Team
  • Situation Assessment and Internal Investigation
  • Human Resource Strategy I
  • Human Resource Strategy II