Past Events

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December 2018 Meeting

Understanding Differentiation and Hiring (Ryan Kohler)

November 2018 Meeting

Real Communication, Real Connections (Matt Townsend)

October 2018 Meeting

Renewal and Open Enrollment Tips (Danny Reeder)

August 2018 Meeting

The Best TEAM Wins: The 5 Disciplines of Today’s Most Effective Team Leaders (Adrian Gostic)

 Worksite Wellness: Past, Present and Future (Tim Butler)

July 2018 Meeting

Creating Inclusion for Transgender Employees (Julianna Christie)

Utilizing Individuals with Disabilities as a Workforce Advantage (Michael Barnes, Daniel Croc, Matt Maxon)

June 2018 Meeting

Addressing Addiction at Work with Compassion and Compliance (Bob Coursey)

May 2018 Meeting

Leading Change for Revitalized Value Delivery (Curt Howes)

Employee Experience Design; How understanding employee sentiment can fuel organizational success. (Rusty Lindquist)

April Employment Law Seminar

Workplace Law in the First Year of President Trump (Tyler Brown)
(Available in four sections, due to file size) Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4

An Interactive Simulation for the HR Professional (Joe Lazzarotti)

Common ERISA Conundrums and Practical Solutions (Natalie Nathanson)

The Gig Economy and Related Risks of Contingent or Temporary Workers (Chris Moon)

The Latest in Disability Management - Accommodating Employees and Managing Leave (Megan Holstein and Tyler Brown)

An About Face: The NLRB Change in Direction with Respect to Employment Policies and Work Rules (Chris Moon)

What to Expect when your Employee is Expecting: The New Pregnancy Rules (Megan Holstein)

Navigating Business Immigration Under Trump (Amy Peck)
(Available in four sections, due to file size) Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4

What's New in Utah: Trends, Legislation and Cases (Shawn Kee)

Meet the New Business Partner that is Changing The Way Employers Conduct Business: Using Data Analytics to Manage Today's Workforce (Eric Felsberg)

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce (Chris Moon)

Internal Investigations in the Weinstein and #MeToo Era (Shawn Kee)

Crisis Control: Proactive Steps to Avoid Workplace Violence (Shawn Kee)

Name that Exemption: Bolster your Wage and Hour Compliance (Tyler Brown)
(Available in four sections, due to file size) Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4

March 2018 Meeting

Economic Update and Forecast, presented by Mark Knold
For Mark's presentation, click HERE

HR Business Plan, presented by Peggy Stone
For Peggy's presentation, click HERE

February 2018 Meeting

2018 Employment Law Update, presented by Michael Patrick O'Brien, Mark D. Tolman, Jesse Oakeson and Lesley A. Manley of the law firm Jones Waldo.

For Presentation Slides Part 1, click HERE
For Presentation Slides Part 2, click HERE

January 2018 Meeting

The 7 Deadly Sins of HR that are Killing your Productivity: The Hidden Habits Undermining your Performance Tannen Ellis Graham

For Tannen's Interview Questions, click HERE

How Culture is the Most Important Factor to your Bottom Line Jared Olsen & Blake Beard

For Jared's and Blake's Presentation, click HERE

February 2017 Employment Law Update

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January 2017 Talent Management Conference

December 2016 Meeting
Recruit Like the FBI by Conni LaDouceur, Execuquest
Swearing in of our 2017 Board Members
Trends & Developments in Compensation by Kimberly Barton, Consultant with Mountain States Employers Council

November 2016
Salt Lake SHRM is proud to represent both local and national HR initiatives.  Sterling and Elisa, President and President Elect, visited Capitol Hill on November 17, 2016 to advocate for FLSA reform.

November 2016 Meeting
Leveraging the Power of your EQ by Jen Shirkani, Penumbra
Pitfalls of Background Screening by Matt Visser, VICTIG

October 2016 Meeting
Live from SLSHRM, It's the HR Analytics Show by Don Everett, Workforce Interactive
Coming into Compliance with the Dept of Labor's New Overtime Pay Regulations by Judson Stelter, Esq., Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

August 2016 Meeting
The Business Benefits of Being a Dream Company by Lucy English & Catherine Kendall, Bright Horizons
Drive Business Success with Workplace Flexibility by Scott Ferrin, Field Service Director - SHRM

July 2016 Meeting
Disability Etiquette in the Workplace by Leah Lobato, Director, Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities & Business Relations
Why Diversity Matters - Building a City for Everyone by Jackie Biskupski, SLC Mayor

June 2016 Meeting 
ABCs of UI & Utah's Current Labor Market (by David Horton, Cory Stahle & Heather Mousley from the Utah DWS)
Why It's Important for HR to Network Like a Rock Star (by Carlos Linares from the Center for Innovative Learning)